Friday, March 6, 2015

Special #FF Special Request

This last year has been good to me. In three weeks I will celebrate the one year anniversary of accepting my current position. Being in a district where I can support teachers and students and help make a difference is truly more exciting than I ever imagined it could be. The other fantastic part of my year was attending the Google Teacher Academy back in December. Both of these experiences had a profound impact on me.

As part of the Google Teacher Academy I was required to develop a plan to do something great in my district. It was my 10x plan also known as my moonshot. My moonshot plan involved two distinct parts. The first part involved assembling a group of visionary teachers from across the district who were willing to reach out and connect with the other members of their group. (I call them the Moonshot cohort.) I have also asked them to dip their toes into the Twitter waters and get connected so they can get ideas about great lessons they can implement in their own classrooms. If each teacher in the Moonshot group does just one really amazing thing this year and it inspires just one other teacher to do something new and exciting eventually we will reach the tipping point and EVERYONE in my district will be inspired to try something new and exciting. 

The other part of my plan involves the administrators from my district. I am a firm believer that nothing will change in education unless administrators are out from leading their teachers in the direction they want them to go. Jessica Johnson wrote a post about the importance of being the lead learner where she explains how the role of the building principal has shifted. My ultimate goal is to get all of the principals in my district connected to other educators from outside of our district and to get them to contribute to a group leadership blog as a way to share what they are learning as well as a place to reflect. 

Now for my special request. Please make some room in your PLN to connect with my colleagues. Follow them. Tweet them. Encourage them. And please be patient and forgive them if they don't reply right away. A few of them are Twitter pros but others are just getting started. It takes a while to get Twitter and that the more we interact the more likely we are to realize the power of Twitter. Please help me give this fantastic group of educators a reason to stick around.  

Moonshot Teachers - On a List 

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