Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Flippity: Create Flashcards Using a Google Sheet

There are times when flashcards can be a good learning tool. Whether it is elementary students learning how to read the time on a clock or high school students trying to match famous paintings with the artist that painted them, flashcards can help. Flippity allows you to turn a simple Google Sheet into flashcards and so much more! The playlist below walks you through the process.

Flippity makes the process so simple. You can build the spreadsheet yourself, have students collaborate to build a shared set of cards, or have students build their own spreadsheet. If you want students to incorporate a nonlinguistic representation of an idea or word it would be best for them to create their own spreadsheet. They can even draw a representation on paper, take a picture of it, then save that image to their spreadsheet. The only limit with what you and your students can do with this is your imagination!