Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Gmail 101

Teachers in my district have been using Gmail for almost a year. The switch from Outlook was welcomed by some and dreaded by others. I get that. Change is difficult, especially when we are crunched for time. When I planned workshops for this year one of the things I knew I needed to teach was Gmail. 

I put together this slideshow to help teachers as they being to make sense of Gmail. I had a Gmail account for years before it ever occurred to me that I could customize and make it work for me. Of course I changed the theme to make my inbox more attractive, but that was merely a superficial change. The true magic began to happen when I realized how to make Gmail work for me. 

My hope is that each teacher in my district will take the time to explore Gmail so they can really get a grasp on all of its wonderful features. I only have about 45 minutes with them to show them the features which is not even close to enough time! I wish I could take all of the credit for this presentation, but the amazing Amy Mayer is the one who created and shared the fabulous tutorials which I have included. 

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