Thursday, September 8, 2016

Adding Events from Activities Calendar to Google Calendar

Over the last week I have had multiple requests from staff asking how to add events from our conference activities calendar to our Google Calendars. I made a screencast that covers these same steps. You might find it useful to play the video as you go through the steps.

1. Go to the GPS website, click the Calendars tab then select GPS activities calendar.

2. Check the boxes of the events that you wish to add to your calendar. (I have found that this works best if you divide this up into 4 or 5 different calendars such as Boys Fall Sports, Girls Fall Sports, etc.) It seems like when you add too many events to a single calendar it doesn't work.)

3. Once you have selected all of the events you want to add, click View.

4. Once the box opens, click the calendar icon in the upper right corner.

5. When the next box opens, click the Google logo in the Calendar box.

6. Copy (shortcut---CTRL+C) the URL that appears. (You can close the extra boxes that are open.)

7. Open your Google Calendar and click the upside down triangle that appears to the right of "Other Calendars."

8. Paste the link (shortcut---CTRL+V) into the box and click Add Calendar.

9. Once the calendar appears on the list you can change the name of the calendar by clicking the upside down triangle that appears to the right of the name of the calendar, selecting Calendar Settings, then changing the name in the Calendar Name box. Make sure to save!

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