Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lisa Hadenfeldt's Reflection on the Great Plains Google Summit

A team of 8 of us from Gering Public Schools made the trek to Lincoln to attend the Great Plains Google Summit. Lisa took me up on my offer to share her reflection about her experience. 

As part of the Language Arts department who plans to integrate technology this year with Chromebooks, I took the journey to Lincoln this summer to attend the Great Plains Google Summit. One of the first things I learned was how little I knew. My first session had me asking such advanced questions as “How do I scroll down?” and “How do I right click?” Chromebooks are not difficult, just new to me.

The Summit provided me with great ideas on how to let the students direct the learning with technology when I ask for projects at the end of units. If I can have enough knowledge to give them the ideas, they can run with it. I’m pretty sure that they know more than I do at this point. We can learn from each other. I was immersed in techspeak so I feel more confident now in my terminology, and I may be able to teach and/or understand the language of technology better when bringing up new ideas.

Google Chrome seems like an amazing platform for learning. One last thing that I came away with is this. There is always more to learn. I will not panic but will take baby steps in this very cool opportunity to integrate technology. Beth Still, Kelly Tofflemire, and Zak Griffith will be great mentors in this journey. I’m glad I got to know them better!

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