Monday, September 22, 2014

Best of the Web for the Week of September 15, 2014

Eeek! I have fallen behind on my best of the web posts. Even though I haven't posted them I have still been collecting some awesome resources to share! I think you will find the tools on this list very valuable.

  • 17  21 Useful Web Tools for Creating Online Quizzes and Polls- If you need to create a poll or quiz this is the list for you! Obviously since we are a GAFE district I tend to favor Google Forms, but there are some other options on this list that are great options.
  • Alice Keeler is one of the brightest minds that I follow on Twitter. She shares more useful links and resources than just about anyone else I am connected to. She has written two posts that should be of interest to you. The first one is 20 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom and the other is 15 More Things You Can Do With Classroom. If you are not sure how to get going on classroom just let me know and we can schedule 45 minutes or so during your planning time.
  • Top 100 Tools for Learning in 2014 is a decent place to start to learn about different web 2.0 tools. Do not for one moment feel like you are behind if you do not know all of these tools. The goal is to learn the basics then pick up a few different tools so that your students have some options when it comes to how they want to share their learning.
  • Bringing Twitter into the Classroom- This is the story of a social experiment that changed the way an English teacher taught his classes. While the focus is on English there are more and more teachers who are using Twitter everyday to help their students become better writers and more engaged students.
  • Why Resumes Matter Less and Twitter Matters More- If you teach then you owe it to your students to watch this. It will help you understand why it is so important that you begin using tools like Twitter in your classroom. 

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