Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Horizontal Navigation on Google Site

When I set up the template for Gering I opted for the sidebar navigation. Over the last couple of weeks quite a few teachers have asked me to set up horizontal navigation instead. I have created a short video that will walk you through how to do this. When you switch to horizontal navigation you will need to change some of the colors. To access the place where you will make these changes click on the Open More Actions menu (gear on the upper right) or click g then m which is the shortcut to open this menu. Select Themes, Colors, and Fonts in the left column then select Horizontal navigation. (See image below.) Make the following changes:

  • Background -  Color- 4f7bbe   Hover color- 4f7bbe 
  • Text- Color- white  Hover color- white
  • Selected text- Text color- white  Background color-  4f7bbe 
  • Dropdown- Text-  4f7bbe  Background color- white Hover color-  4f7bbe  Hover background color- yellow

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