Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Docs to Forms Add On

Google Forms are just starting to catch on in my district. I have worked with several teachers to show them how to create a quiz from scratch using Google Forms and so far they think it is a great alternative to what they had been doing. They love it even more when they discover they can use an add on called Flubaroo to automagically grade the quizzes and send students their results. More about that in another post.

If you are like many teachers you have tests and quizzes already created and stored on your computer. You could copy and paste each question and each answer, but that would be tedious and time consuming. A much better alternative is to use the Docs to Forms Add On. This nifty feature allows you to select text and click one button to move it into a form. Moving the answers is pretty easy as well. The video above will walk you through the process. I hope this helps you as you begin to explore more ways that Google can make your life easier!

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